Don’t Get Fooled by the Calories in Your Food

Can you accurately guess the calories in your meals?

Don’t be fooled by the food on your plate. It’s very easy to underestimate the number of calories that you are eating. The fewer calories you think a food has, the more you tend to eat states a study conducting by the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

While it may be easier to gauge calories when prepping your own food at home, it’s a lot more difficult to accurately gauge the calories you’re eating when eating at a restaurant. Try going to restaurants that list the calories of each dish on the menu or have healthier menu options with entrees under 500 calories.

don't be fooled by calories

And most of all, don’t be fooled by what appears to be “healthy” food options like salads. When making your own, you can control how healthy the salad is but salads at restaurants can easily be packed full of calories upwards of 1000 calories.

Overall, try to be conscious of the calories you are eating with each meal and be extra careful when eating out.

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