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For over ten years, Calla Slimspa has provided quality weight loss services in Orlando to people who are looking for an effective way to lose excess weight. We offer treatments to help people shed pounds and feel great. Our weight loss experts in Orlando are available anytime during office hours to answer questions. With our individualized specialty services, you can look great and feel healthy, so call now at (407) 644-7546! In addition to our weight loss programs we also offer vitamin injections such as lipotropic shots.


Welcome to Calla Slimspa

Calla Slimspa is in the heart of beautiful Winter Park, Florida. As a medical weight loss management center, we have helped thousands of people all over Orlando & Central Florida achieve results when they couldn’t find success on their own or through the many other programs and diets available*. We have become a leader in weight loss for all of Orlando, and our programs help your body burn excess weight rapidly and decrease your cravings for sweets and starches.

Doctor Supervised Medical Weight Loss Center

We care about our clients and want to leave you 100% satisfied. Our physician is board certified, knowledgeable, and we take your specific needs into consideration. Trust us to help you achieve great results!

Dallas Patient Testimonial

 “I’m more excited than I ever could be. I am now a size 2/4 and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I couldn’t have done this without this program…I’m a whole new person.” – Dallas*

Our Programs & Services

At Calla Slimspa we offer weight loss programs, services, and information in Orlando:

With us, you can get the safe and effective care you need to lose excess weight*. We do our best to help all our clients achieve their weight loss goals, so don’t hesitate any longer! Get your life back on track with our services. We offer the treatments you need to become healthy again. For professional weight loss services in Orlando, contact us today at 407.644.7546 !

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What Sets Calla Slimspa Apart from Other Orlando Weight Loss Centers?

When it comes to weight loss, there a LOT of different diet and weight loss options. From facts to juicing to surgical options, there is no shortage of options. So what makes our diet program different?

Here are a few things that set our medical weight loss program apart from other local medical weight loss programs such as Medi Weight Loss, Transformations and Burn Fat Orlando as well as diet programs such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Noom, and NutriSystem.

  • We have specialized in medical weight loss for over 11 years
  • During all 3 phases of our program, you get to eat real food that is found at your local grocery store
  • We specialize in helping overweight, obese and those with medical conditions such as diabetes not only lose the weight but keep it off
  • We are always up to date on the latest breakthroughs in weight loss medications and treatments
  • Our board-certified physician owned and operated
  • Board-certified doctor or nurse practitioner on-site
  • We also offer a program customized to help lose body fat
  • All of our supplements and medications are FDA approved
  • We teach you how to maintain your weight loss by adopting a healthy long-term diet plan you can live with
  • Our program carefully combines protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals to give your body what it needs to stay healthy while helping you quickly lose the weight
  • We focus on stabilizing your blood sugar levels to stimulate certain fat burning hormones for optimal fat loss
  • We pride ourselves on our exceptional and personalized patient service

Today is the day to start changing your life. Make slim in your future with Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Center in Winter Park*. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our weight loss management programs. Give us a call today at 407.644.7546 .

Results depicted on the website are typical but not guaranteed. The success of the program is dependent upon multiple factors including the patient’s commitment to the diet program, the response of the patient’s body to the diet program and the length of time on the program, and inclusion of exercise while on the program.

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