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Thanks to Everyone at Calla

I just had to share this. Last night I went to Wal-Mart and decided to take a chance and buy size medium swim trunks. I tried them on when I got home and THEY FIT perfectly!!! My best friend came in and I still had them on he said "You skinny b***". lol. Later he said "I can't believe you can wear a size medium". lol.

It's probably been 20 years since I could wear clothes this "small".

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Calla Slimspa for their help and support. Not only have you helped me lose weight, but you've helped me get my confidence back and inspire others to live better through proper diet.

Troy Winter Park July 6, 2018

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Amazing professional & caring staff!

Amazing professional and caring staff! Olie was the best part of our visit. They made my daughter and I feel super comfortable, they take the time to go over everything. We are super happy we found you and excited to start this program.

Deborah Govin Winter Park April 6, 2018

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Amazing Results!

Amazing results!! If you follow the program you will absolutely lose the weight. To say they changed my life is under statement. After 18 years of being over weight, I went from a size 16 to a size 8 in 2 1/2 months. The program is worth every penny of the cost and they teach you how to maintain your weight.

Susan Staggs Winter Park - Weight Loss Program February 9, 2018

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Calla is Personally Revolutionary

Calla is personally revolutionary!!! I lost 54 pounds in slightly over 4 months! I eliminated my depression and anxiety, have explosive energy, forged a promotion at work, am a much better mom, and now have a contagious vigor for life!

I decided to try the program because my son was starting Kindergarten and I could never wake up early enough and function all day without a nap. I was also dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety that I have always struggled with, but due to a hitting a low in my life, the mental issues were almost unbearable. Today I am thankful for that “low” because it motivated me to take a step forward toward seeking a better life for myself. I went to Calla hoping to have more energy, but what I got out of my weight loss journey was so much more than that!

Prior to Calla I had tried many methods to lose weight without much of a budge. Not seeing results quick enough, receiving too much conflicting information regarding weight loss, and a lack of commitment and accountability held me back before Calla. Upon starting the program, making the necessary life and dietary changes was difficult but manageable and I started losing weight at an amazing rate. The first week I lost 8 pounds, and every week thereafter I think I averaged about 4 pounds loss per week!

Shortly after I had begun to solidify healthy habits that ensured my success, I also began to notice all of the positive changes that were happening in my life. The reason I started the program was for energy, and mine became explosive! I actually WANTED to start running again (something I had done many years prior) and I was able to get my son to school on time every day. With the progression of the weight loss, it seemed many other positive changes were progressing in my life as well. I started to notice a significant decrease in the depression and anxiety that I had struggled with for many years and as the months went by, I am happy to report that I BARELY feel anxiety and depression now! With the decrease in the anxiety, my social anxiety issues literally WENT AWAY. I used to be scared to talk to people on the phone.. now I can’t wait for my next opportunity to go out and meet other people, and I am trying so many new things that I was scared to do before because of my anxiety and lack of energy. I am now a confident person and that has helped me in my personal relations as well as in my career. I used to be passive at work, and as of a few months ago, I forged myself a promotion! Last but certainly not least, I used to not be able to keep up with my 6-year-old son’s energy. He was too much for me to handle at times which made me somewhat complacent, but now I think my stamina forgoes his!

Calla was absolutely transformational for me. I am a completely different person today than I was six months ago, and I owe much of that to the wonderful people that work at Calla Slim Spa. I graduated from the program two months ago and have managed to maintain my weight following their maintenance plan. I also now know exactly what it is that causes my body to store fat and how to avoid it. I now value my health tremendously because I know it is integral to my success in life and to my relationships with my son and others. I hope that you are inspired by my story, and want to change your life with the help of Calla Slim Spa!
*results are typical but not guaranteed*

Caitlin Havener Weight Loss Program - Winter Park July 6, 2017

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I will be forever grateful*

As a 21 year old woman being over weight was a very depressing and dangerous lifestyle to live considering my father's history with high cholesterol and unhealthy habits. The day my mother recommended Calla Slim Spa was the day my life was saved. I am a small woman who was carrying a heavy load and the staff welcomed me in with open arms and made me feel comfortable. They gave me all the essential tools I needed to get my lifestyle back on track. Step by step I could feel the heaviness once weighing on my shoulders lighten and soon disappear before my eyes. The beauty I felt was radiating from the inside out. The program was easy to follow, there are endless new recipes, and if I ever had a question I would never hesitate to ask. I will be forever grateful to Dr.Gil and her team who I would now consider good friends. Not only is my body beautiful but most importantly, it is healthy and stronger than it's ever been! Thank you my wonderful Calla Slim Spa team for helping me accomplish my goals and guiding me every step of the way!

Briana Morris Winter Park , FL July 29, 2015

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This program works!*

I have three words... this program works! It was an easy decision to be healthy and fit, however I was afraid of the road ahead – a road that I had been down before with other diets and programs. I was referred to Calla Slim Spa by a co-worker and after exploring the website, calling with questions, and getting support from my husband, I began my journey. From the very first day, the care and concern I received from the Dr.’s and staff made me feel secure in my decision. Through the months ahead I found following the program became second-nature and the pounds literally melted away. The food plan was very easy to follow, I wasn’t hungry and I had the energy to pursue my fitness program and today have reached levels I never thought possible My body has been transformed, my thought process about food has been retrained, my follow up blood work shows super-healthy levels, my only regret . . . is that I didn’t start sooner! Yes, you have to put in your part – it takes commitment and work, but with the products, knowledge, and encouragement from the Dr.’s and staff at Calla Slim Spa, you will find your journey to looking and feeling amazing both satisfying and incredibly rewarding.

Sandy Shook Winter Park , FL May 30, 2014

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I cannot THANK YOU enough*

After trying multiple things; Slimfast, the Shapedown Program, etc and being unsuccessful, I cannot THANK YOU enough for what you and your staff have given to me that has made a huge difference in my life. It is something that has helped me increase my health, quality of life, boosted confidence, and truly is a lifestyle change. Instead of cringing at the sight of a full length mirror, I now take the time to make sure I can confidently present myself at work. I wanted to let you know how courteous and helpful the staff at Calla always is whenever I come in with questions, concerns, or many be running a few minutes late. They always have helpful suggestions on food and exercise and I like to consider it as a very helpful support when you go through the process as it was a difficult transition at first. I am a huge advocate of this program to anyone who is looking to make a change and wants to look past the quick fix. Thank you again and not too much more to go!

Larisa Winter Park , FL May 30, 2014

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This program works!*

As a chubby to fat girl, I've tried numerous diets over the past ten years to get rid of the excess weight. Everything under the sun, including personal training and NOTHING has been easier or worked quicker than Slimspa. Slimspa defies every diet side fall. Within two months I've lost over 36 pounds*, all my junk food cravings are gone and I've dramatically improved my health and lifestyle. If you've tried all the rest with no success, it's time to try the best. This is by far the best diet program I've ever tried. Not only do they get the weight off quickly but they show you how to adjust your life once the weight is off to permanently keep it off. Through supplements, they offset any hunger pains or cravings you may have when initially starting a diet. It is a great program for those who enjoy working out or those who don't.

Leslie Winter Park , FL May 30, 2014

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I feel great!*

Calla has been my waypoint.......

a change in the direction of my life. I lost 100 pounds* and
set a new course as a healthier, slimmer person. I feel great!

Ray Winter Park , FL May 30, 2014

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