Orlando Body Fat Program

Tailored Program to Target Body Fat

Even if you are the perfect weight for your height (BMI), you can still have a higher than desired body fat percentage. At Calla Slimspa, we understand the difficulty in losing body fat in specific areas, and we offer a program specially tailored to your needs. As an Orlando weight loss center, our team of physicians specializes in diet and nutrition, so you can be sure you are getting professional advice.

Our Method

With more than eleven years of experience, we offer expert advice and proven techniques to help you lose excess body fat. We combine FDA-approved medications and healthy lifestyle options to help you achieve results. If you are at a healthy weight but still have excess body fat in certain areas, use our body fat program to help lose excess weight off those unwanted areas!**

What does our body fat program entail?

  • Initial evaluation including body composition analysis, EKG, and blood work
  • In-depth explanation of the body fat program and how it works by our medical staff and physicians
  • Individualized diet plan
  • Recommended injections, supplements, and fat burners
  • Weekly evaluations and follow-ups

If you are trying to lose excess body fat, let us help!** Our program can help you lose fat in specific areas of your body like your thighs and stomach. With us, you can get fast, effective, and safe treatment for all your weight loss needs.

For a body fat program with proven results, call us today at (407) 644-7546!

**Patient results depicted on the site are typical but not guaranteed. Every patient responds differently to the weight loss program.​

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