Orlando Weight Loss Center Pricing

Complimentary Consultation weight-loss-pricing

Take the first step and come visit us to learn more about the program! There is no obligation. We will reserve enough time to enroll you in the program should you choose to do so at that time.

​ We will explain the program in detail, advise you on your potential participation, and consult with your primary care doctor if necessary.

There are very few people that cannot participate in our program. We will modify it as necessary based on your doctors recommendations, tailor it to your lifestyle as much as possible, while still getting the same great results!

FEE: No Charge

Initial Appointment

weight-loss-initial-appointmentThis visit is the most comprehensive appointment and generally requires about 1 hour to complete. This visit includes the following:

  • Review of medical history ​
  • Vital signs​
  • Abbreviated physical exam
  • Injection of vitamins /fat burners
  • ​Body analysis – weight, BMI, fat %
  • Physician consultation
  • Lab work
  • EKG
  • ​Appetite suppressant
  • Fat burner capsules
  • Medical grade multivitamins
  • Program materials

FEE: $265.00

Weekly Appointments

weekly-weight-loss-appointments This appointment is approximately 15 to 30 minutes in length. It includes the following:

  • Body analysis – weight, BMI, fat % and fat mass
  • Review of progress and answering any questions
  • Injection of vitamins and fat burners
  • One week of appetite suppressant
  • Program materials as they become necessary
  • Physician review weekly
  • Additional consultations or calls when needed

FEE: $80.00 per week

Accepted Payments

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • HSA Debit Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Care Credit
  • Cash
  • We do not accept checks

For easy, low cost financing with little or no interest, click on the link to learn more about Care Credit


For tax information on tax deductions or medical weight loss programs visit

IRS Medical Weight Loss Deductions

Insurance Coverage

Our weight loss program is not covered by traditional insurance; however, you can offset all or partial costs of the program by using your HSA debit card.

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