• Yo-Yo Dieting Found to Raise Death Risk for People with Heart Disease

    Past studies have associated yo-yo dieting with increased risk of poor heart health. For individuals with pre-existing heart disease, however, new research finds that the health consequences of repeatedly losing and gaining weight may be even more severe. Researchers of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at NYU Medical Center in New York, and colleagues recently […]

  • How to Boost Your Accountability When Losing Weight

    For many people, a key part of weight loss success is accountability. In addition to following a personalized weight loss plan, being accountable to someone else who is monitoring your progress can help you stay on track when you are tempted to give up. There are many ways to be more accountable when you are […]

  • Which Fruits Are Lowest in Sugar?

    Fruit is a nutritious snacking option, but it is important to recognize that it can also pack a large serving of sugar. When you get your customized diet plan in Orlando , you may find that you need to curb your sugar intake, and that means watching the kinds of fruit you eat. Watch this […]

  • Making Weight Loss Maintenance Work for You

    If you’ve recently completed a program for personalized weight loss near Orlando, FL , then you may be wondering what you can do to maintain your results. It’s important to make weight loss maintenance work for you to ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste and that you can remain at your goal weight […]

  • The Psychology of Overeating

    Weight loss vitamins, customized diets, and weight loss assessments can all help you achieve a healthy weight, but if you struggle with overeating, then it’s essential to address this habit as well. If you’re concerned about overindulging, nutrition, and weight loss near Orlando, FL, then watch this video to understand the psychology of overeating. Emotional […]

  • Tips for Losing Weight When You Work at a Desk Job

    Working at a desk all day can take its toll on your body. Stiff muscles and an achy back are common side effects of sitting in the same chair for hours on end. Losing weight near Orlando can be especially difficult if you work an office job, in which you spend a lot of time […]

  • Staying Motivated When Your Weight Loss Slows Down

    Weight loss in Orlando is a process, and it is important to stay motivated throughout. For almost everyone, weight loss comes in phases. You may begin by losing weight rapidly and then unexpectedly plateau before even coming close to your goal weight. However, having your weight loss slow down is completely normal. It is essential […]

  • Top Reasons to Get Vitamin Shots for Weight Loss

    Vitamins are an essential part of every healthy diet, and vitamin deficiencies can often cause serious health problems. Certain vitamins can also be an effective addition to any diet plan or weight loss program, as they can both aid in weight loss and help to keep you healthy. If you’re interested in adding B-12 shots, […]

  • lipo shots for weight loss

    How Lipotropic Injections Increase Weight Loss | What You Need to Know

    [updated March 9, 2019] Losing weight is not easy so when an important event is on the horizon many people feel pressured to lose those extra pounds as quickly as possible. Not to mention for those who have more than a few pounds to lose, finding ways to boost weight loss results is always a […]

  • Answering Questions about Appetite Suppressants

    There are many tools available to help you lose weight near Orlando for a healthier, trimmer body. In addition to weight loss injections to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy metabolism, appetite suppressants are a second resource available as part of your weight loss program. Appetite suppressants are prescription […]