• Which Fruits Are Lowest in Sugar?

    Fruit is a nutritious snacking option, but it is important to recognize that it can also pack a large serving of sugar. When you get your customized diet plan in Orlando , you may find that you need to curb your sugar intake, and that means watching the kinds of fruit you eat. Watch this […]

  • Eating for a Healthy Endocrine System

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  • Why Patients Choose Calla Slimspa

    At Calla Slimspa , we’re proud to have helped thousands of people across Central Florida lose weight and keep it off by showing them how to develop healthier lifestyles. While many monitored weight loss programs offer fad diets and quick fixes that set people up for failure time and again, we show patients how to […]

  • What Is L-Carnitine and Why Should Your Vitamin Injection Contain It?

    L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative that the body naturally produces. Unfortunately, not everyone naturally produces enough of it. L-carnitine is essential for turning fat into energy, functioning as an antioxidant, and supporting the function of the heart and brain. When you visit a weight loss center in Orlando, FL, you may have the option […]

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

    In modern times, fasting is often perceived to be an extreme choice, but human beings naturally evolved to adapt well to periods of fasting. When done as part of a personalized weight loss program, intermittent fasting can lead to overall wellness benefits as well as a slimmer silhouette. Consider visiting a center in Orlando, FL, […]

  • The Psychology of Overeating

    Weight loss vitamins, customized diets, and weight loss assessments can all help you achieve a healthy weight, but if you struggle with overeating, then it’s essential to address this habit as well. If you’re concerned about overindulging, nutrition, and weight loss near Orlando, FL, then watch this video to understand the psychology of overeating. Emotional […]

  • Intermittent Fasting Versus Traditional Dieting: Which Is Right for You?

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  • How Hormonal Imbalances Can Affect Your Weight Loss

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  • Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Stop on Summer Vacation

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  • Changing Your Body with Lipotropic Injections

    If you’ve heard about the benefits of B12 injections, you may be wondering how other injectables in Orlando may benefit your health and weight loss. Lipotropic injections can be a beneficial part of your weight loss plan and include several B vitamins and the amino acid methionine. Lipotropic injections are designed to help your body […]