• Recognizing the Essential Components of Healthy Weight Loss

    There are many ways to temporarily lose weight, but many of them are not healthy, and most do not allow you to maintain that weight loss. To truly change your weight for life, you need a customized approach and the right kind of support. When you are considering monitored weight loss programs in Orlando, FL […]

  • Highlighting the Benefits of Vitamin B Injections

    Vitamin B plays an important role in weight loss for a number of different reasons. At Calla Slimspa in Orlando, FL , we offer both B6 and B12 shots to support your weight loss efforts and help you avoid discouraging plateaus in your diet plan. Here is a closer look at some of the ways […]

  • How to Boost Your Accountability When Losing Weight

    For many people, a key part of weight loss success is accountability. In addition to following a personalized weight loss plan, being accountable to someone else who is monitoring your progress can help you stay on track when you are tempted to give up. There are many ways to be more accountable when you are […]

  • Slimming Down with Vitatrim

    When it comes losing weight, many people turn to natural weight loss supplements to support their journey. If you’re thinking about getting vitamin shots in Winter Park to complement your weight loss program, then consider taking advantage of Vitatrim. Vitatrim offers you the benefits of a lipotropic injection that is designed to boost your metabolism, […]

  • Tips for Adopting a Healthier Way of Eating in the New Year

    Have you made a resolution to feel healthier, look better, and begin a personalized weight loss program near Orlando, FL in the coming year? If so, then continue reading for some tips on eating healthier. Keep Your Plates Packed with Color One of the simplest ways to get yourself on a path toward better eating […]

  • What Are the Benefits of Losing Weight with Friends?

    Are you thinking about having a weight loss assessment performed and joining a monitored weight loss program in Orlando, FL? If so, then there are several benefits to be gained by starting your personalized weight loss journey with friends. Continuous Support Making the lifestyle changes necessary to get healthy and lose weight is rarely a […]

  • Effective Strategies for Dieting During the Holiday Season

    The holiday season can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to lose weight. So many occasions are built around foods that don’t seem compatible with your customized diet plan that you may feel like you have to choose between your weight loss goals and your favorite traditions. Fortunately, you can still lose weight over the holidays […]

  • The Dieter’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving

    When a beloved holiday only comes once per year, it’s often difficult to avoid giving into temptation. Unfortunately, indulging yourself too much during Thanksgiving can easily lead to weight gain of one or more pounds. For many people, the extra holiday weight becomes a permanent gain. But if you’re on a monitored weight loss program […]

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

    In modern times, fasting is often perceived to be an extreme choice, but human beings naturally evolved to adapt well to periods of fasting. When done as part of a personalized weight loss program, intermittent fasting can lead to overall wellness benefits as well as a slimmer silhouette. Consider visiting a center in Orlando, FL, […]

  • Staying Motivated with Your Exercise Plan

    Exercise can play an important role in personalized weight loss plan in Orlando, FL , but staying motivated to stick with your workouts can be difficult. Even when you see the success of your customized diet plan and begin to reap the health rewards, finding the motivation to get moving every day can still be […]