• Staying Motivated with Your Exercise Plan

    Exercise can play an important role in personalized weight loss plan in Orlando, FL , but staying motivated to stick with your workouts can be difficult. Even when you see the success of your customized diet plan and begin to reap the health rewards, finding the motivation to get moving every day can still be […]

  • How Losing Weight Affects Heart Health

    One of the biggest benefits of monitored weight loss programs is the way they can change your health. Weight loss has a dramatic impact on your overall health, from lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes to cutting your chances of developing osteoarthritis. A personalized weight loss plan in Orlando, FL , can also play […]

  • Understanding Your Body Mass Index

    When you start a customized diet plan, one of the first steps your weight loss clinic is likely to take is to calculate your body mass index, or BMI. Your BMI is helpful in determining a healthy goal weight for you during your initial weight loss assessment in Orlando, FL . Watch this video to […]