• The Secret to Shopping Yourself “Slim” | Infographic

    Smart shoppers, or more so those of us who are trying to fit back into our skinny jeans, know to not grocery shop when we’re hungry. If you’re trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier in general, try some easy to follow shopping tips to make better choices when you are at the grocery […]

  • Intermittent Fasting Versus Traditional Dieting: Which Is Right for You?

    If you’re looking into programs for weight loss in Orlando , then you may find yourself struggling to choose between personalized food diets. For individuals who are trying to decide between intermittent fasting and traditional dieting to lose weight, there are several questions to consider. What does you routine include? Traditional dieting relies on eating […]

  • Don’t Get Stuck in Your Fat Pants | Reboot Your Routine with These Fit Tricks

    Simple changes in your routine can make the difference between health success and staying stuck in your fat pants. As Kelly Mickle states in her Fitness magazine “Goal and Get It!” article, “steal these tried-and-true mental tricks to reboot your routine and achieve the body you want.” Be Detail Oriented Refrain from abstract promises like […]

  • Infographic | Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

    Over the years, there has been a lot of discrepancy about what carbohydrates are good for you and which ones you should avoid. Different weight loss diets promote different types of carbohydrates for the most weight loss . In general, complex carbohydrates (e.g. fresh fruits and vegetables) are the types of carbohydrates that you want […]

  • How Hormonal Imbalances Can Affect Your Weight Loss

    Keeping your body in good health and following a personalized food diet are both important parts of getting fit. If you’re struggling to achieve weight loss in Orlando, then your hormones may be to blame. When hormones are out of balance, your body’s systems may function less than optimally. This can have a negative impact […]

  • 5 Important Ways Obesity Affects the Brain

    Putting on the pounds not only transforms your belly, but it also alters your brain, a number of studies suggest. These brain changes may, in turn, fuel overeating, leading to a vicious cycle that makes losing weight and keeping it off challenging. Here are five ways obesity can cause changes the brain: 1. Obesity causes […]

  • Are Your Friends Making You Fat? | Infographic

    Depending on how healthy your friends are, fortunately or unfortunately, eating habits tend to be contagious. Did you know that your friends can influence your eating habits by 34.5%? Have trouble believing it? Think back to the last time a co-worker or friend invited you to lunch – did you conveniently abandon the healthy salad […]

  • Understanding Your Metabolism

    If you’re trying to lose weight in Orlando but are struggling to make progress, it can be helpful to understand how your metabolism can affect your weight loss . Watch this video to learn about your metabolism’s role in a monitored weight loss program. Also referred to as your resting metabolic rate, your metabolism describes […]

  • Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Stop on Summer Vacation

    If you’ve been sticking to a diet plan to lose weight in Orlando, you should take pride in your dedication to your health and fitness. With summertime in full swing, you may find yourself surrounded by temptations and indulgences. Luckily, there are ways to help ensure that your weight loss success continues through your summer […]

  • Dead Weight | Correlation Between BMI & Risk of Death [Infographic]

    For those of us who are overweight, when we look in the mirror we know we need to lose weight to be healthier. But since we can’t “see” the adverse health affects of being overweight such as heart disease, diabetes, etc… until it is too late, our typical motivation for losing weight has more to […]