Decoding the Mystery Behind Food Cravings

Have your food cravings ever threatened to throw off your plan to lose weight in Orlando? If so, you are not alone. Food cravings are emotional, psychological urges to indulge in certain foods. Many dieters struggle daily with cravings for salty, sugary, and fatty foods. Fortunately, the longer you persist with your diet plans , the more these cravings fade into the background. Read on for a better understanding of common food cravings, including salty cravings, sweet cravings, and spicy cravings.

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Salty Cravings

Sustainable weight loss can be a struggle if you are dealing with cravings for salty foods. However, this craving may be easily addressed. Salty food cravings generally indicate a calcium deficiency. One possible explanation is that sodium decreases calcium levels in the blood, making your body think it is getting enough calcium when it is only getting salt. By adding a calcium supplement to your diet plan, you may be able to conquer these cravings without reaching for salty potato chips or French fries.

Sweet Cravings

If you want to lose weight, the last thing you need is for your body to be begging for dessert. Desserts can pack huge amounts of sugar and fat—with little nutritional benefit to even the playing field. Instead of letting your sugary cravings throw off your plan for losing weight, consider hitting the gym. Many people crave chocolate because it releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter which makes you feel immediately happier. Fortunately, exercise has the same effect, so you can improve your mood even as you burn calories.

Spicy Cravings

Weight loss plans can almost always accommodate spicy food cravings with hot but nutritious snacks. If you are craving spice, you may actually be craving the accelerated heart rate, rapid breathing, and upswing in blood pressure that spicy foods provide. Instead of dining out for Mexican food, ask your weight loss center to suggest nutritious snacks. Spices are calorie-free, so you can add as much cayenne as you like, as long as your chosen foods are part of your weight loss meal plans.