Ingredients in Lipotropic Injections

At Calla Slimspa in Winter Park , lipotropic injections are a central part of our weight loss plan. These injections support your weight loss efforts and make sticking to your diet plan easier, while helping you feel more energized. The injections are included in the cost of weekly appointments on our diet plan.

Lipotropic injections contain vitamin B12 and MIC—a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline. They help you to maintain your energy level while on your low-calorie weight loss plan and support healthy fat burning. Most clients find that the injections also help with mental fogginess and improved mood. Vitamin B12 is more effective as an injected than in pill form, so you get the maximum benefit of this nutrient. Clients can also opt for lipotropic injections with higher levels of B12 for a small additional fee or with enrollment in our VIP weight loss plan.

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