Weight Loss Tips: Burn More Fat with Efficient Exercise

Tired of hitting the treadmill for an hour or sweating your way through yet another grueling spinning class?
Working out doesn’t have to be a burden and you can still lose weight without forcing yourself to hit the elliptical for an hour a day.

Maximize fat burning while you exercise with a 30 minute workout three times a week.
For this workout you’ll want to include a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises often referred to as interval training. After warming up, do a few minutes of aerobic exercise that is intense enough to raise your heart rate then do one or more resistance exercises then more aerobic activity and so on. You want to keep your heart rate elevated while doing strength-training exercises that work all your major muscle groups. If you want to stick strictly to cardio, do a 20-3o minute workout where you alternate high intensity with low intensity such as a 30 second sprint with a 1-2 minute walk or light jog.

Interval training keeps your body from getting in a routine. When you do a steady jog for three miles at the same pace your body learns how to adjust to this pace thereby not allowing you to burn as much fat. Keep your body guessing and burning more fat through interval training.