• Surprising Side Effects of Weight Loss

    A weight loss program in Orlando can do more than help you look slim. As this video explains, weight loss can also increase your overall health. Several studies highlight how weight loss can deter chronic illness and heighten quality of life. For instance, did you know that obesity could raise your risk for osteoarthritis? Excessive […]

  • Is Silent Inflammation Harming Your Health?

    What if you had harmful inflammation but it wasn ‘t associated with pain? What if it is the type of inflammation that you can’t even really feel but could be causing serious harm to your health? Typically, when we think of inflammation we think of pain. We think of heat, redness, swelling but what we […]

  • Calla Slimspa Testimonial: Ken Shares His 40lb Weight Loss Transformation

    After some failed attempts with diet programs that were not sustainable in the long run, Ken finally found true long-term thin, healthy success with the Calla Slimspa diet program and is now able to enjoy playing with his grandchildren. Between January and May of 2011, Ken transformed not only the way he looks but the […]

  • The Benefits of Vitamin B12

    When you take advantage of a weight loss clinic in Orlando for your weight loss goals, you get access to weight loss experts who can create a comprehensive plan for your ultimate wellness. Crafting nutritious diet plans and effective exercise regimens are key to weight loss, but including health supplements can also prove integral to […]

  • How Obesity Threatens America’s Future

    Over two-thirds, or 68%, of the U.S. adults (over age 20) are overweight or obese. And from 1960 to 2005, the prevalence of obesity increased from 13.4% to 35.1 percent in U.S. adults between age 20 to 74. And data from the NHANES survey between 2003 and 2006 indicated that approximately 12.4% of children between […]

  • Calla Slimspa Review: Joe’s 93lb Weight Loss Transformation

    We’re celebrating the 93lb weight loss achieved by Joe Schott using the Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Program . Not only has Joe seen a tremendous difference in the way he looks, Joe has also seen some great health benefits as a result of his weight loss. Even though Joe has tried other diet programs […]

  • What Are the Dangers of Belly Fat?

    Many people consider fat of any kind bad for health, but certain types of fat can prove more dangerous than others. Studies show that the fat that collects around the abdominal area can be particularly harmful to well-being. Among its many adverse side effects, belly fat can increase the likelihood of many serious health events, […]

  • How to Boost Fat Loss and Muscle Preservation with Weight Training

    While preserving your current muscle mass or building more muscle mass may not give you those huge pound losses on the scale immediately, since muscle weighs more than fat, it can help you burn off more excess fat in the long-run. And the best way to accomplish this – weight training. Some of the most […]

  • Weight Loss Transformation Review | Calla Slimspa

    Congratulations to our Patient of the Month and Weight Loss Transformation Success Story – Ann. In less than a year, Ann has lost over 70 pounds on the Calla diet program. She’s feeling like a new person as a result and enjoying all of the compliments and shopping for new clothes. Congratulations again Ann from […]

  • Change Your Lifestyle to Change Your Weight

    Is weight loss part of your New Year’s Resolution? If so, you’re like millions of other Americans. Most of whom resolve to lose weight but never achieve this resolution. “January is the time of year when gyms get flooded with new and returning members ready to try Zumba or spin classes, and dieters start filling […]