Fun Thanksgiving Facts and Figures | Infographic

Did you know that women are more likely to not control the calories they eat on Thanksgiving because they are celebrating while men are more likely to eat as much as they can about everything on Thanksgiving?

For more Thanksgiving facts and figures check out the infographic below.

thanksgiving fun facts infographic

Did You Know:

  • 66% of surveyed people prefer roasted turkey and only 0.5% prefer tofurkey.
  • 10% of Generation Y will not eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
  • That out of 4,509 people, 1 person prefers their turkey dipped in blue food coloring.
  • That women and Generation Y are most likely to shop post-meal.
  • 27% of surveyed people watch football post-meal.

If you’re trying to watch your figure this Thanksgiving, make sure to limit your indulgences and make your post-meal activity a calorie burning activity instead of a couch-potato one.

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