• Thanksgiving Weight Gain?

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season often sidetracks us from eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Of all the holidays we celebrate, which one is almost completely centered on food? Thanksgiving, of course! Beginning with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and later the football games on TV and socializing. Family gatherings and […]

  • How to Burn Those Thanksgiving Calories | Infographic

    We all love to indulge on Thanksgiving, but have you ever given any thought to how many calories you need to burn for that extra helping of turkey or that piece of pumpkin pie? Check out the infographic below to learn just how many calories you’d need to burn in order to work off your […]

  • Healthy Food Choices for Vegetarians

    Upon embarking on a wellness program in Orlando, some people decide to try a vegetarian diet. However, weight loss clinics stress the importance of cultivating a balanced diet even when it lacks animal products. This video discusses food options that vegetarians can enjoy whether or not they are on a weight loss program . When […]

  • Thanksgiving Fun Facts | Infographic

    While Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful, we can’t ignore the delicious food on the table that we share our thanks over. The infographic below shows some fun facts related to your Thanksgiving delicious delectable dishes and other Thanksgiving related tidbits. Did You Know That: 48% of people bake their Thanksgiving turkeys. 55% of […]

  • Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

    It’s estimated that the average Thanksgiving “meal” contains 3,000 calories – more than most people should eat in an entire day. So how can you enjoy a tasty tradition without ending up in a calorie coma? ( Healthy Holiday Eating Tips ) The holidays are once again upon us. But just because they’re here doesn’t […]

  • Carving Up Your Thanksgiving Calories | Infographic

    On Thanksgiving, make sure you stuff your turkey and not yourself. The average American eats about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving – this equates to about 14 slices of pumpkin pie. If you are trying to watch your weight or simply not overindulge, try the following tips to help ensure that your turkey is stuffed more […]

  • Fun Thanksgiving Facts and Figures | Infographic

    Did you know that women are more likely to not control the calories they eat on Thanksgiving because they are celebrating while men are more likely to eat as much as they can about everything on Thanksgiving? For more Thanksgiving facts and figures check out the infographic below. Did You Know: 66% of surveyed people […]

  • Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes | Healthy Recipe

    Think you can’t enjoy the taste of delicious mashed potatoes while remaining on your healthy diet – think again. Use this recipe instead of the butter-laden mashed potatoes mom always made. Your waist line will thank you for it. INGREDIENTS cauliflower, one large head 1/4 cup fat-free cream or chicken broth 2 tablespoons low-fat sour […]

  • healthy recipe header

    Calla Oopsie Roll Stuffing

    Looking to make your Thanksgiving dinner healthier? Try this healthy stuffing alternative. Made using the Calla Oopsie Roll recipe, Calla Oopsie Roll Stuffing is a fantastic way to keep your holiday meal healthier this Thanksgiving. Healthy Calla Oopsie Roll Stuffing Recipe INGREDIENTS 1 batch of stale savory Calla Oopsie Rolls torn into small pieces (to […]

  • Staying Healthy on Thanksgiving | Infographic

    Thanksgiving is one of the few days during the year where we toss all notions of diet and healthiness out the window to overindulge in delicious dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes and endless slices of pumpkin pie. But you don’t have to break out the expandable waist pants on Thanksgiving by swapping out a few […]