How to Prevent Overeating

tips to prevent overeating If your mother told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, she was right.

But just eating breakfast isn’t the only thing that counts. Eating a healthy breakfast of highly refined and processed carbohydrates and laced with lots of sugar masquerading as a yummy breakfast cereal is certainly not going to do you as much good as a healthy balanced breakfast with a protein component.

prevent overeating University of Missouri researchers have found that eating a protein-rich breakfast promoted satiety (feeling of fullness) and prevented hunger. Using brain scans (MRI), a high-protein breakfast reduced nerve signals to the brain that control hunger and reward-driven eating behaviors (Press release, University of Missouri, May 18, 2011 | Fitness RX Magazine , August 2011).

Help curb your desire to overeat during the day by packing your breakfast with a powerful protein punch. One great protein to eat in the morning: eggs.

Check out our egg muffin recipe for a great way to a get a super-quick and healthy breakfast that is packed with protein. You can make a batch on Sunday night in just 25 minutes and have breakfast for the whole week. And they only take 30 seconds to heat up in the morning.

photo courtesy of The Nutrition Post