• How to Prevent Overeating

    If your mother told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, she was right. But just eating breakfast isn’t the only thing that counts. Eating a healthy breakfast of highly refined and processed carbohydrates and laced with lots of sugar masquerading as a yummy breakfast cereal is certainly not going to […]

  • Doug’s Amazing 80 lb Transformation and Calla Slimspa Review

    In March of 2010, Doug started his weight loss journey with Calla Slimspa at his highest weight ever, 281.2 lbs. And by July 27th, when he started the maintenance program, Doug was weighing in at 201.4 lbs. Just shy of a total of 80 lbs lost with Calla Slimspa’s medical weight loss program . For […]

  • Recharge Your Workout with Interval Training

    Let’s face it, if we could all take a magic pill that would not only make those excess pounds disappear but give us a lean and toned look, we’d all take it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, we haven’t developed one of those pills yet so we still have to lose weight and get healthy the […]

  • Satiety: the Weight Loss Secret

    Most weight loss diets focus on cutting back on calories while making healthier food choices. When your body and brain are craving food, it’s not always easy to adhere to a lower calorie diet. And these days, we seem to be hungrier than ever. So what is the secret to easy weight loss – satiety. […]

  • Lights Off For Weight Loss

    Weight loss is a lot more complicated than simply “eating less and exercising more.” New research indicates how much more complicated weight gain is due to circadian rhythms. Our brain and virtually all of our cells are programmed to run on a 24-hour cycle to help us optimize future events (like sleep and eating) that […]

  • Do This To Lessen Your Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

    When you’ve got your health, you’ve got it all. Right? Then why are we so cavalier when it comes to maintaining and protecting health? Most diseases carry a high treatment success rate if diagnosed early. Yet, according to recent statistics, men die from heart and liver disease at nearly twice the rate of women states […]

  • Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

    Everyone knows that brea kfast should be the most important meal of the day. In 93% of Americans agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet less than half (44%) are eating breakfast every day ( 2009 International Food Information Council Foundation’s Food & Health Survey). If you even eat breakfast, […]

  • Joy’s 50lb Life Jumpstart and Calla Slimspa Review

    For Joy , joining Calla Slimspa was among a series of steps she took to make, as she says, “me a priority in my life again.” At 5’4″, I reached 193 pounds and I needed a jump start. I had not always been overweight – let’s be clear about it “obese” according to the BMI […]

  • cilantro chicken recipe

    Cilantro Chicken | Healthy Recipe

    This easy Cilantro Chicken recipe is quick to make and has tons of flavor. Our cilantro lime recipe requires minimal prep time, can be made in a single pan and takes less than 30 minutes to make. If you like lime and chicken, then absolutely must try this recipe. Healthy Cilantro Chicken Recipe INGREDIENTS Boneless […]

  • healthy easy blts

    Easy BLTs | Healthy Recipe

    BLTs are absolutely delicious. The combination of crispy, smoky bacon, cool crunchy lettuce and sweet and tangy ripe tomato is pretty hard to beat. Skip the bread but enjoy all the flavors you love in a BLT. Get a delicious BLT without all the carbs since we replace the carb-loaded bread with bibb or romaine […]