• 25 Helpful Weight Loss Tips

    The 2 biggest tips anyone could give you regarding weight loss is to, of course, eat healthy and exercise But we’re going to give you 25 additional tips to help you be successful on your weight loss journey. These 25 great weight loss tips are courtesy of the August 2011 issue of Fitness RX . […]

  • Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

    With the right foods, you can still be successful on a weight loss program with a vegetarian diet . As long as you make an effort to eat foods with protein, you can encourage weight loss efforts and build muscle mass. Beans, peas, and legumes are all excellent sources of vegetable protein and fiber. Soybeans […]

  • Do You Know Your Biggest Weight Loss Enemy?

    According to a poll of nearly 6,300 people by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, it’s likely that you spend a stunning 56 hours a week planted like a geranium – staring at your computer screen, working the steering wheel or collapsed in a heap in front of your high-def TV ( Women’s Health […]

  • Obesity Spells Double Trouble for Couples Trying to Conceive

    Almost every day, there are news updates on the intensifying obesity epidemic in the United States. Currently, about 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese – an increase of 25% over the last 30 years – and the numbers continue to climb. Most people know that being overweight raises the risk of almost every […]

  • The Hormone that Makes and Keeps You Fat

    You’re most likely familiar with this hormone but perhaps not in relation to its role in keeping those excess pounds firmly attached to your waistline. So, what makes you fat? Excess levels of insulin . How can one hormone keep you from shedding the weight and keep you packing on more. There are two ways […]

  • Fast Weight Loss: Study Shows It’s Best for Long Term Success

    Findings from researchers show that fast weight loss may be best for long term success. Scientists analyzed individuals in three groups, finding that fast weight loss has advantages for maintaining weight loss, compared to losing weight gradually and steadily. The study also showed that rapid initial weight loss did not lead to weight regain in […]

  • Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss

    Millions of Americans, including thousands of local Orlando residents, struggle to lose the weight and keep it off every year. But the American College of Sports Medicine in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal announced that the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) has identified methods that thousands of individuals have used to successfully maintain weight loss […]

  • Habits that Make and Keep You Fat

    Can’t seem to figure out why all those hours at the gym aren’t paying off or why all those “low-fat” foods and diet sodas aren’t helping shrink your waistline? Perhaps you’re doing one of these 20 habits that make you fat without even realizing it. The author of Eat This, Not That , David Zinczenko […]

  • “How I Lost Over 100 Pounds with Calla Slimspa” – Chris M.’s Story

    When Chris started at Calla Slimspa, all she could think was “Am I going to fail this program too?” and now, 114 pounds lighter, Chris is proud to be a Calla Slimspa gal! Serendipity brought Chris to Calla Slimspa . After running into a friend who looked amazing and was kind enough to share her […]

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    Why Choose a Medical Weight Loss Clinic

    [updated March 9, 2019] Transform From Within – No Surgery Needed to Achieve Your  Weight Loss Goals Is there any person trying to lose weight who doesn’t want to be able to do an amazing before and after photo where they showcase how big their starting weight pants are on them now? While these photos […]