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Phases and Benefits of Our Weight Loss Plan

Excessive weight can not only be uncomfortable; it can be a threat your health as well. Being overweight is associated with a number of health concerns, including joint pain, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. At Calla Slimspa Medical weight loss center located in Winter Park, we offer a variety of weight loss programs to customize your experience and achieve the results you want. Each plan is overseen by a doctor to ensure you are reaching your weight loss goals in the healthiest way possible. If you'd like professional advice and assistance to help you lose weight in Orlando, call Calla Slimspa today at (407) 644-7546.

The Weight Loss Program at Calla Slimspa

Calla Slimspa's three-phase weight loss program utilizes a combination of diet, exercise, and FDA-approved medications and supplements to help you achieve your goals. If you are a vegetarian, there's no need to worry—our program can incorporate vegetarian diet plans to ensure you can achieve weight loss while sticking to the lifestyle you love.

  1. During the first phase of our weight loss program, you'll receive a physical examination, bloodwork, EKG, and body composition analysis. These tools will help your Calla Slimspa doctor create the perfect everyday meal plan that includes both home-cooked meals and meals at local restaurants.
  2. Throughout phase two, you'll be losing weight and working your way toward better health. Your doctor will monitor your body composition and carefully increase your physical activity regiment while tapering your medications as necessary. We will also teach you how to use the "Zone" to maintain your weight loss goals once you have completed the weight loss program.
  3. Phase three of our weight loss program is the maintenance phase. We offer continuing monthly visits, personalized advice and tips, weekly injections, and weekly weigh-ins to keep you at your final goal weight.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Losing just 5-10% of your body weight can profoundly change the way you feel and your overall health. Just a small amount of weight loss can reduce or even eliminate the need for many medications, including those for blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. If your goal is to lose a larger amount of weight, achieving small weight loss goals along the way can help you stay motivated as you notice positive changes in your health almost immediately. Weight loss can help you

  • Reverse or prevent diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in the blood
  • Improve sleep disorders, including sleep apnea
  • Reduce arthritis pain
  • Lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and cancer

If you'd like to learn more about Calla Slimspa's diet plans in Orlando, call us today at (407) 644-7546.

Results and statements depicted on the website are typical but not guaranteed. The success of the program is dependent upon multiple factors including the patient's commitment to the diet program, the response of the patient's body to the diet program, the length of time on the program, and inclusion of exercise while on the program. While the majority of our patients do achieve their desired weight loss goals, every patient responds differently to the program.

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